Erasmus Student Network is a non-profit organisation that currently operates in 40 european countries, making it the largest student organisation in Europe ever. Its purpose is to promote student mobility at universities on the basis of the principle of "Students Helping Students". At the moment, the organisation brings together around 15,000 active young people in 537sections , so groups of students operating at a specific university. A list of all sections can be found at

The ESN operates on three levels:

  • Local: The local level is us, the sections. There are a total of 18 similar sections in the Czech Republic (that's 18 universities) in 11 cities. We form the narrowest link that ensures a direct connection between ESNers and foreign students. The entire section is supervised by a section board ("council"), whose members have different functions. A special role is then played by a person called Local Representative, who connects the section with the national level. You can meet all board members here. Don't hesitate to ask them anything at any time!
  • National: The national level is tasked with helping and overseeing the departments. The National Board communicates with the international Board and forwards the news to the lower layers of ESN. The National Representative then connects the national level with the international level. At the national level, there are also so-called comittees and natinal board supporters, which are members that provide assistance to the national board. You can find out more about ESN Czech Republic
  • International: The International Board is situated in Brussels, Belgium. Only the most successful and active will get there, it is not possible to get higher possition in the ESN. There are a lot of comittes, supporters and projects under the international level. However, this level is not forbidden even to local players, all have the opportunity to participate in international events (such as AGM, CEP, etc.) and engage a little more. You can learn everything you're interested in at

However, the Erasmus Student Network is a huge community network whose activities and structure cannot be summed up in a few sentences, there is still a lot that has not been mentioned here. So you are very welcome to join us. ESN will open up totaly new world full of self-realization, solid friendships, fun and experiences. To act you just have to be interested.

"In the ESN, you often discover skills you didn't even know you had. Just don't worry, give it a try, and in six months you can have a lot more friends and experiences." 
Meki, Events Manager ESN Liberec

"Sometimes you look back, after a month, after a semester, but also after six months, and you find that you don't recognize yourself. And it's good." 
Adéla, Local Representative ESN Liberec

"Many people don't even realize that a title isn't everything. ESN has given me more that no school could."
Anna, Public Relations ESN Liberec

"ESN is a sandbox where you can play. And if a the buld doesn't stay stable, you'll just build another one." 
Moni, Workshop Coordinator ESN Czech Republic and Alumni ESN Liberec

"Esn has helped me to move in every way and not be afraid to accept any challenge." 
Katarina, President ESN Liberec

"Esn allowed me to look at places I never dreamed of and get to know people I didn't know existed." 
Honza, former President of ESN Liberec and IT Supporter

"At ESN, we learn to learn the beauties of other cultures every day." 
Markéta, former President of ESN Czech Republic, now Alumni