● February
It is almost unbelievable that it will soon be almost 3 months that you are here with us and we with you. In that time here you have gotten to know our climate, where temperatures can change by leaps and bounds, it can snow and the next day you feel like you are on a beach by the sea. The first week was spent getting to know each other and the city of Liberec. You tried to navigate your group to a certain place in a Siri tour. And to give you something to cook on, we had a Kitchen stuff. On Thursday we had a welcome party for you in the HAD Club. On the first weekend with us you had the opportunity to try out ice-skating with us, and on Sunday a hiking expedition to Ještěd, where you tested your physical fitness for hiking. Next, to show you our PUBS, we invented the PUB Crowl. Dog shelter was also a very nice event, where we had the opportunity to help a local shelter and walk their dogs, only the weather was not very good for us. The following day you had the option of a more enjoyable program in the dry of the local Gallery. Well, that's all we and you did for the month of February.
● March
In March we wanted to get to know each other even more, so we started with a presentation of the country, how else than the Czech Republic, where our Filip gave you as much as possible an idea of where you are, and then we played Kahoot on the topic of the Czech Republic in a fun way. Like every Wednesday, there was an event waiting for you, and that was Beer pong, which was a great success and well attended. On Thursday, there was a Czech-themed party with our DJ Filip, which you enjoyed immensely. On Friday, a select few of you could not wait for the afternoon event Trip to Prague. After checking in at the hostel, we tasted Czech cuisine and especially Czech beer at a local restaurant and then got ready for the first night at Lucerna Music Bar, where the theme of the party was the Pop 80's & 90's video party. We were all looking forward to getting to Prague. We were all looking forward to getting to Prague. We were all looking forward to getting to the festival. We were all looking forward to getting to Prague. We had a great time and were looking forward to seeing Prague and its important sights on Saturday. We played our game to make it more interesting so you wouldn't get bored. In the evening we had a second night at the club or more time to spend as we chose. The club was empty at first, but as it usually happens here, it filled up with Prague students at midnight because it was themed as an Erasmus party. On Sunday afternoon we returned home to Liberec full of experiences. The next week we had the Laser game, in which one team won uncompromisingly, can you guess which one? The next week was Bowling, which you were also looking forward to as we were full for both events. After returning from Prague I must not forget that there were also very interesting Country presentations every Tuesday and on Thursday the popular Erasmus Party Country presentation at the HAD club.And at the turn of March and April, you were with us during the Easter season and many of you were able to experience Easter customs for yourselves. So here we are at the end of March, we have been through a lot again, haven't we?
● April
We started April with a Country presentation on Tuesday and on Wednesday we did something for our bodies and organized a Circuit training. Thursday was the popular party at the HAD club. The following week, Go-karting was on the agenda and was very popular as you could compete with our Philip for prizes. We also listened to your wishes for an event at the weekend and made a hiking trip to the Bozkov dolomite caves. Fortunately, the turnout was very large and it showed that you are also interested in our weekend events. The following week was only the Country Presentation and Party at the HAD Club, however the following week was very busy. On Monday we started with Speak Dating followed by the Flag Parade. The event was very successful both from the Erasmus students who came to do their stall and from the people who attended the event to find out facts about the country. On Tuesday we had the Country Presentation and on Wednesday we had the very popular International Dinner where we sampled many specialties from several parts of the world. On Thursday, before the party at the HAD club, there was an event where you could see how Czech beer is brewed here near Liberec - Trip to Svijany.