Basic information about Uniqway

Uniqway is carsharing made by students of ČVUT, ČZU and VŠE for students and employees of all universities in Czech Republic (Exchange students included). In our fleet there are 38 cars - 29 ŠKODA FABIA, 6 ŠKODA SCALA and 2 electric ŠKODA CITIGOᵉ iV. and 1 ŠKODA ENYAQ iV. Many of them have automatic transitions.



  • No registration fees

  • Zones right next to universities, dorms, or in the city centre (zones - locations where you can pick up and return one of our vehicles)

  • Our cars are insured - in case of car accident you will pay max 1% of the damage price (min 1000 CZK)

  • You are rewarded for every ride!

  • No car keys needed! - unlock the car via the app and your student card

  • 24/7 - helpline in case of any car issues

  • All service operated by students - if you need something, let us know and someone of our student team will help you

  • Free fuel in the Czech Republic, in EU states and in Schengen countries 

  • Free charging in the Czech Republic, the user will get a discount according to the "Price List" for charging the vehicle

  • Motorway taxes paid for the Czech Republic



  1. Register on our website - LINK

  • you will need: ID (passport), student ID, driving licence

  • max 10 minutes of your time to scan your documents 

  • your documents will get verified and your account will get activated within 48 hours

  1. Download the app Uniqway (available in Google Play, App Store)

  2. Choose a car in the app and you can move off with us!

  • You will open the cars via app and your student card. To unlock the vehicle, simply hit the button “Unlock” in the app and hold the student card to the reader behind the windshield.



  • Your driving license is valid and issued in EU (for non-eu citizens - check our website if you need international driving license to drive in Czech Republic)


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